How to Beat Yourself up (The Right Way)

A lot of people beat themselves up. They self-judge. When you know what you should be doing, and you do not do what you’re supposed to do, you allow your inner voice to make you feel like shit. Your mean inner voice comes from your childhood. The way your friends and family treated you growingContinue reading “How to Beat Yourself up (The Right Way)”

The First Self Improvement Principle

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Your life is determined by your thoughts and perceptions of it. Manifestation and the law of attraction are merely misinterpretations of this principle. Your life is nothing but raw sensation, and you project meaning onto it. Therefore, if you wish to lead a good life,Continue reading “The First Self Improvement Principle”

On Suffering, Breaking Generational Curses, Love, and Fear

This feeling isn’t happiness, it’s equanimity. There is no such thing as badness except for the concept of it, everything is a product of its own circumstances, and all explanations are constructions to describe chance. It’s much more meaningful, and gratitude is the logic. There is nothing but just “here”. Only thing that exists isContinue reading “On Suffering, Breaking Generational Curses, Love, and Fear”

What You Can Control in Stoicism and How to Control it

In life there are things that we can’t and can control. The stoics argue that if we focus on what we control, we will live a good life.  What can we control in stoicism?  In stoicism, we can control what we say, think, and do. The stoics claimed that if we discipline our action, ourContinue reading “What You Can Control in Stoicism and How to Control it”

The Most Important Virtue in Stoicism and How to Practice it

Stoicism is a fantastic philosophy to lead a greater life and to better manage negative emotions. Stoicism has a sort of “honor code” with many principles and virtues that lead you in the right direction. Virtues are marks of excellence, character traits that lead to a better life. The four virtues in stoicism are wisdom,Continue reading “The Most Important Virtue in Stoicism and How to Practice it”

How to Create a Meditation Habit- Guide to Consistent Meditation

Creating a meditation habit is no joke. I’ve been trying to maintain a consistent practice for over 3 years and I still have yet to be perfectly consistent. However, over the years I’ve seen why establishing a meditation practice is so hard, and I’ve found the techniques and tips to creating a lasting meditation habit.Continue reading “How to Create a Meditation Habit- Guide to Consistent Meditation”

How to Generate Ideas Fast

Generating ideas can be tough. You may be asking the question; how can I generate ideas fast? The answer is simpler than you think. How do you generate ideas fast? Generating ideas boils down to three thigs: time, focus, and values. You need to have enough time to brainstorm the ideas you want to create;Continue reading “How to Generate Ideas Fast”

Mason’s Minimalist 4-day Workout Routine

UPPER/LOWER You will be working out 4 days a week on this routine. Do 2 days in a row, take a rest day, 2 more days in a row, and then two more rest days, then start again. MTWTFSS (The week) ULRULRR (The routine) Upper=U Lower=L Rest=R You can change this around to fit yourContinue reading “Mason’s Minimalist 4-day Workout Routine”

The Biggest Lie Ever Told to Creative People

“CREATIVITY CANNOT BE FORCED” I was in psychology class a few days ago and we were going around saying the worst things about our break. An art student raised her hand, she said to the class, “the worst thing about my break was that I turned in a project 4 months late.” she then wentContinue reading “The Biggest Lie Ever Told to Creative People”

Building in public.

Hey friends, If you can’t tell, I’ve been watching Ali Abdaal lately. I recently watched his video called “How Writing Online Made me a Millionaire” And one thing he mentioned about blogging was to build in public. To document the process. My name is Mason Pomeroy. I’ve been very into self-development for 5 years now.Continue reading “Building in public.”

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