On Suffering, Breaking Generational Curses, Love, and Fear

This feeling isn’t happiness, it’s equanimity.

There is no such thing as badness except for the concept of it, everything is a product of its own circumstances, and all explanations are constructions to describe chance.

It’s much more meaningful, and gratitude is the logic.

There is nothing but just “here”. Only thing that exists is this creation of the universe, and you cannot blame the universe for creating itself, as that is not logical. The universe has no negative intentions, therefore the negative intentions of people are just constructs of the universe, products of chance, and aren’t wrong at an absolute level.

Everyone is messed up in their own way. That’s how it goes. I have to be the person who breaks the cycles of hatred and fear and inspires others to do the same. Nobody is wrong, they are just ignorant/ products of their environment, usually one of a lack of love.

Think about someone I look up to and revere in the world of personal development. Why would I be anxious to have a podcast with them? They’re not perfect. In fact, they have their own independent biases and traumas and reactions to the universe, and they are products of chance. Just like me, we are all the same in this sense, we are all just “here”. Products of infinite creativity, or rather infinite creativity itself.

Therefore I should fear no one, as that is an illogical reaction to infinity. At a neutral and absolute standpoint, we are the same, and therefore, I am very similar to, possibly equal to others, and I can empathize deeply with them.

We are all products of chance. “Badness” is chance. Or state of consciousness, or infinite creativity. Whatever label you put on it, “here-ness” is nothing but itself, and all labels are also just here-ness. Non duality isn’t everything being the same, it is the realization that everything actually is the same thing: being.

If you had the power to dream any dream for infinite time, you’d first likely dream about extravagant things, money, sex, fame, or maybe less ego-driven things, maybe flying, but eventually you’d start dreaming complex dreams, dreams with evil, murder, drugs, immorality, you’d dream a dream with all the evil in the world, and a dream with no evil.

This, here, now, is nothing but one of those possible dreams. All of your childhood struggles are a part of the dream, an expression of a script, if you will. If you were an infinite playwright, then you’d eventually write a play exactly like this, where you’d struggle just as much, where evil would be just as abundant as goodness, where people would hate, love, fear, and be grateful. There are infinite dreams, infinite plays, and all happenings are nothing but expressions of the dream’s rules, or the play’s script.

Your parents are hurt by the harshness of the dream, and so were their parents. Trauma is a cycle of fear and hatred caused by ignorance and insecurity. If people understood empathy and love at the deepest level, the curses would be broken much more often. No longer would a person be hurt, then pass that hurt onto others, such as their own children. Then their children would be less likely to pass hatred unto others, and so on.

Some people are simply born without empathy. People with antisocial personality disorder, for example. They cannot control the fact that their genes made them that way, nor can you. They are merely a possibility in the expression of the infinite playwright, and any harm they cause in the world is a product of chance, of the infinite capabilities of creation.

So it should be your responsibility to cease judgement of the world and to inspire others to do the same. Understand empathy at the deepest level by recognizing that everything has a reason, and also that all meaning and reasoning is a construction, and in reality, the only thing that “is” is here-ness.

In order to inspire others, you must be the one strong enough to break everyone’s generational curses, to not hold hatred in your heart which has been put into you, so that you do not pass it unto others and continue the cycle. Radical forgiveness driven by a deep understanding of the truth behind circumstances is the way to heal. If you understand that everyone is merely a product of infinite chance, you can forgive them, be equanimous to them, and make reality more deeply empathetic.

You can only control your own action, perception, and will. If you focus on changing others, you will find that you become cynical and depressed. If you focus on healing yourself using radical forgiveness and empathy, realizing that reality is merely chance, or a dream, then you will begin to see others around you inspired, and the world a better place. Only when you focus on what you can control, by leading yourself in your healing journey, can you inspire others to do the same.

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